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There’s a difference between work and great work.  

Work is what you get done.  It’s what keeps the lights on.  It’s what keeps your boss off your back.  

Great work is what you look forward to.  It’s what you can’t wait to share.  Can’t wait to brag about.  It makes your boss’s boss want to meet you.  It’s what shines a light on you.  

So, when is the last time you made really great work?  


For too many of us, going through the motions has become part of every day life.  We don’t think we’re doing it, but when you really stop and think about the work you’re making, you realize pretty quickly that it’s not what you really got into business to do.  Sure, it’s gets the job done.  You’ve probably saved a few dollars here and there.  But are you really proud of what you’ve made?  Are you super stoked to tell your buddies that you had a hand in it?  


If not, then something is definitely wrong and you need to shift your thinking.     


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