Here's to the Original

Big Boy is an American Icon. He’s been to space with Austin Powers, rolled through the World Series in the back of an F-150, created the original double-decker burger that’s been imitated countless times, and oh yeah, has a big statue that millions of children (and adults) have their pictures taken with.  


But, with all this iconic status around the brand, we needed to bring attention back to the food, but do so in a way that leveraged that playful spirit that the Big Boy himself emulates.  


We needed to Originate Moments of Crave… so we put the food up close and personal… kinda like how you feel when you’re hugging an 8 foot statue…. But just as importantly, we needed Big Boy’s voice to bring the food to life… make it playful, fun, inspiring, and interesting.  Because it’s not just food, it’s Big Boy’s food.     


We introduced a new Big Boy Craft Soda line as part of our retail strategy development program.  


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