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To push oneself, you must first find yourself.  

Provocation Workshops are not another brainstorming.  They are not just 'brand camps'... No, Provocation Workshops are our proprietary multi-day evolution of your brand.  

1.  We start by going backwards... understanding why you exist and the role you play in culture... 

2.  We look at how, where and why we can disrupt category norms... 

3.  We elicit provocative brand behaviors that will change how consumers interact with your brand... 

4.  We change how you act internally... 

5.  We revitalize your brand.  


Coming out of the Provocation Workshops you will have a comprehensive, tight-knit brand story, an expansive go to market plan, and a team who feels ownership of the evolution of your brand.  



Time is money and neither should be wasted.  


We, at Clutch, believe in game changing ideas, but we also believe in quick turn arounds while keeping the budgets tight. 

Our 202020 approach develops:

20 ideas

in 20 days

for $20k.  

You give us a brief at the beginning of those 20 days and at the end of that timeframe,
we’ll work with you to figure out how to produce any, if not all, of those 20 ideas. 


You might as well rename your ‘product dev team’ lemmings.  In most businesses, product innovation is literally recreating what was done by a competitor and renaming, hoping that your marketing can outreach theirs.  


The reason for this, most businesses end up utilizing the same reports and same consultants as their competitors… therefore getting the same ideas.  We at Clutch believe that you get out what you put in.   


We’ve created an innovative approach to product development…
#WASGTDT (aka We Are So Going To Do That) Sessions.   



92% of a CMOs day is consumed by what has to be done… leaving only 8% of their day to explore ideas that could be done...  


We focus on that 8%. 

You give us a problem, we work like little elves behind the scenes to bring your dreams to life and then let you take credit for something that no one realized you were working on.  



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