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We were asked by Dodge to create an experience that brought to life their new brand story - Undomesticated - in a provocative manner.  Here's how it went down... 

"Just like cats that crap in a box, we have become domesticated beasts. Once wild and free to forge our own paths, we are told when to wake, what to eat, how to love… we are groomed short-haired… had our claws ripped away so we don’t scratch at the domestications we surround ourselves with. We are animals with deep down primal urges that have been neutered. 


It is time… time to roar while others meow… howl at the moon as our brothers and sisters did not so long ago.  Venture into the wild that is just outside our front doors.  Grapple on the pavement with those other beasts of the night.  Chase the rabbit.  Prowl.  Drive.  Dodge.


On Thursday, October 5th 2017 at 9:00pm we let the animals prowl the streets.  A full moon where inhibitions fell to the wayside, and our inner animals came out.   For 3 hours we let them chase, race, tussle and feed. Hide and seek, burn outs, and donuts through what was just hours before the domesticated city in which they were controlled.  No red lights to slow them down. No pedestrians to yield right of way to. No cops to jam on the brakes for. Just doing what they were made to do… go wild in the streets." 

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We invited the audience into the storyline… Giving them access to traffic cams, user generated content, and our own video from the night so that they could create their own #wildstorylines… Our owned editing suite software (partnering with iMovie), we hooked cut-creators with the tools to tell their story.  


Partnering with Spotify, we brought the music of the night… Dropping playlists and giving viewers access to drop rhymes into their edited cuts of the footage... or just listen as we streamed content online.   

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