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Playing with Fire since 1866

At no time during their 150 year history has Jack Daniel’s been truly worried about their business… heck, Prohibition was less worrisome. But when Fireball came into the market, Jack Daniel’s saw a generation of whiskey drinkers ditch their Jack and Cokes and call for shots.  


To compete, Jack Daniel’s introduced Tennessee Fire.  But, how do you compete with a brand that has taken over the night out? 


Since 1866, Jack Daniel’s has been playing with fire. We’re the original hell raisers and true fire starters and we’ll be damned if anyone can do it better. Those other guys may get excited about dancing with the devil, but we’ve been drinking with him for over 150 years. We've mastered the art of playing with fire without getting burned. So get ready, because you know what they say, "Give a man Fire...who knows what happens next?”

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Work done while at Arnold Worldwide

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