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Keds had become known as the old lady shoes.  Sales were down, retailers were dropping the brand, and the next generation had no interest or connection to the brand.  


We needed to create a complete storyline overhaul that not only peaked the interest of consumers, but made retailers take notice. 


So how do you get young girls to get excited about a brand they think is “old”?  Well, we put our money (literally) on the coolest and bravest girl that girls look up to… Taylor Swift.  Someone that could insire them to stand up for what they believe in and do the things they believed in.  


  • Elevate the brand with a new look and feel that would get girls to post posters on thier bedroom walls.  

  • We started our push by rallying the retailers… get KEDS into the stores where girls today are shopping.

  • Partner with collaborative designers who focused on brave designs. 

  • Create a social presence… but do so in a way that is meant to inspire girls to express their bravery, not to push product.  

  • Reward our brand advocates for their bravery in everyday life

brave billboard.jpg
yellow page.001.jpeg
6460KD_S14 11x17 JPGS4 copy.jpg
6460KD_S14 11x17 JPGS3 copy.jpg
6460KD_S14 8.5x11 JPGS4 copy.jpg
Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at 3.18.23 PM.jpg
6460KD_S14 8.5x11 JPGS5 copy.jpg
6460KD_S14 8.5x11 JPGS7 copy.jpg

Work done while at Toth+Co

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