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We were born for this...


Buying a home is easy. At least that’s how pop culture has presented it. You go see three and you pick one. Then, poof… you move in almost instantly. Heck, even technology has made getting into your dream house child’s play. Simply by punching in a few key words on your smart phone you can see all the homes that fit your criteria… Yeah!  Home buying is so much fun.


Well, in all honesty, not really. Most anyone who’s ever bought a home will tell you the home buying process is an up and down roller coaster filled with pitfalls that can lose you that dream home on the whim of a threatened seller, cautious bank agent, or an overzealous inspector.  


So how do you get the home of your dreams without pulling all your hair out along the way.  



Go into battle with an expert.  



It’s Phil Dumphy from Modern Family, the Realtor that everyone knows and loves. The one that will tell it to you straight. Who will be there for you as you traverse the trials and tribulations of home buying.  


We started with Phil in his world… aka the real estate market of Los Angeles. Working with the producers and writers of Modern Family to become the lead storyline in an episode where Phil shows off his prowess and expertise to benefit his clients.  


Then we gave Phil his own soapbox… or chair next to a fireplace. Here, Phil was able to philosophize about all the benefits of having a Realtor by your side. Through television ads, online content, social interactions, and in-person conversations, we provoked people to realize that having a Realtor by your side was essential if you want the home of your dreams. 

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