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Changing the lives of women and girls... 

May 28, 2019

Just over in Cohasset MA, a local brand is on the verge of creating massive change that will affect women and girls around the world.   


We’re incredibly excited to announce that Everybody Water and CLUTCH Workshop have partnered together to make amazing change happen.  


"We knew we had a great idea and product, but we wanted to elevate how we tell our story to a higher level.  That’s where CLUTCH came in as they pushed us to articulate our WHY we exist and then create brand behaviors that truly bring that story to life” said Megan Hayes - CoFounder of Everybody Water.  "They got us from the start… from the first meeting, we could feel that they understood who we are and what we were about… and it’s blossomed into a true partnership”, Kimberly Reilly - Cofounder of Everybody Water.    


“This kind of partnership is what we’re constantly seeking.  For CLUTCH, working with the right clients is of a huge importance… what drew us to Everybody Water was the fact that they were creating real, sustainable change for women and girls… and as a father and husband, their mission connected with me on a much deeper level” says Andrew Butler - Chief Brand Officer - CLUTCH Workshop.    


Since the partnership began in early 2019, the collaborative team has refocused Everybody Water’s brand strategy, evolved the brand identity, and has started to create brand behaviors to continue to build momentum in the marketplace.  Over the past month, the Everybody Water team has catapulted into pop culture, through Marketing, PR and Events; most recently partnering with Harpoon as the official water of the HarpoonFest 2019.  Upcoming events include Everybody Water and Water 1st’s Carry 5 Walk for Water on June 9th in Cohasset, and partnering with Levitate as the official water of Levitate Music Festival in Marshfield this July.  


"One of our major goals at CLUTCH is to work with startups to elevate their story… Everybody Water is a local brand, just down the street from our offices who we truly connected with and believe in.  We love the fact that together, we’re both starting as small companies who are on the road to making massive, sustainable impact on the world around us” says Andrew.


Snapchat your own Big Boy... 

Open Snapchat, hold your camera on the code, snap and then shoot away.  

Become the Big Boy

January 14, 2019

Who wants to be an American Icon?  Well, now you can.  Just Snapchat yourself and viola, you're now Big Boy.  

We created a SnapChat lens for our Big Boy clients as a way to bring more and more new fans into the brand.  Because it's so much more than just another place to grab some food with the family, it's an experience that you get to share with your family.

Big ups to our digital partners at Gupta Media.  

King 4.jpg

Shooting the Devil's Dance Floor

January 12, 2019

It was the last show of the 2018 tour, and Flogging Molly wanted to capture the raw grit of what fans experience... So, the band asked us to don our punk gear, toughen up our cameras and dive deep into the pit.  What we captured was pure energy... from the Devil's Dance Floor.  

CLUTCH Photographer - Jesse Abbruzzese

Screen Shot 2018-12-14 at 12.03.41

Hofbrauhaus St. Pete names CLUTCH AOR

January 1, 2019

Rallying their restaurant marketing experience, CLUTCH Workshop has been named AOR by the Hofbrauhaus St. Petersburg Florida.  As the brand looks to revitalize itself after recent management changes, CLUTCH has been brought on to lead strategic direction, creative development, and consult on operations for the franchise restaurant.  The agency will be working with local St. Petersburg FL agency Pyper Inc. for all media buying and planning.

“I’ve worked with Andrew and his team for years, and been very excited about the work that he’s done for Big Boy, Taco Bell and Jack Daniel’s, and am looking forward to seeing how the agency can help get our restaurant back on track” said David Crawford, Managing Operator - Hofbrauhaus St. Petersburg.

Over the past 12 months, the Hofbrauhaus franchise has undergone some significant changes in ownership and leadership with Mr. Crawford taking over the reins with his partners.  “The opportunity to revitalize Hofbrauhaus’ as the premier German Beer Destination will be challenging and interesting.  But, with our involvement in both the marketing and operations of the brand, we will have ample ability to elevate the brand to where it needs to be” Andrew Butler, Chief Brand Officer - CLUTCH Workshop.

New work is currently in development and will be in market Q1 2019.

Screen Shot 2018-12-25 at 9.46.52 PM.png

Welcome to the Workshop

December 22, 2018

"One of our most attractive offerings at CLUTCH has always been allocating our client's funds towards the work.  And for the first 2 years at CLUTCH, we've successfully run our business as a remote enterprise. But, as our clients needs change, we must evolve, and therefore we're moving into a full time home where our employees can connect and ideate, and our clients can come to participate in the Provocation process" - Andrew Butler, Chief Brand Officer - CLUTCH Workshop

CLUTCH's new Workshop will be just that... a workshop.  Living in literally a contractors bay, the workshop will serve as a hands-on creative space that enables multi-dimensional content creation and presentation.  

In addition to housing the CLUTCH team, the Workshop will serve as a contemporary art gallery for the South Shore of Boston, inviting local artists to show their work.  


CLUTCH Workshop picks up the Mad Farmer

December 19, 2018

Detroit Brewer, Mad Farmer, has named CLUTCH Workshop as their new branding agency.


CLUTCH will be tasked with developing the strategic vision for the brand and business, product development, the new Brand Imaging, and branded content.


"With the work that we've done in the past for Jack Daniel's, Detroit Beer Company, and Oath Distribution, we have a firm understanding of the beer/spirits category... we're going to leverage that to create an idea of what the Mad Farmer can be." - Andrew Butler, Chief Brand Officer - CLUTCH Workshop


Getting back to it... 

December 15, 2018

After a year-long focus on parter company, WilyRiot, CLUTCH Workshop as re-emerged in the Boston ad scene.  

"It's our goal to elevate the work we've been doing for our current clients: Big Boy Restaurants and Oath Distribution; and focus ourselves on new business that enables us to help create and recreate brands so that they convincingly stand out within their categories. We've never lost focus of what we offer to our clients and our process, now it's time to get back to basics and truly be CLUTCH" - Andrew Butler, Chief Brand Officer - CLUTCH Workshop

Relaunching the agency in January 2019, the agency rebranding,, key hires are being made and new space is being pursued.  

BB x Ford.png

Click image to link to spot... 

American Icons Rollin' Along

November 19,  2018

When we got a call from Ford (and their advertising agency - Wieden+Kennedy) about being a part of their new F-150 campaign, we hopped aboard and let our red checkers fly... 


For us, it was simple, we didn't have the cash flow to be in heavy rotation during the World Series and on NFL Sundays, but Ford did... and they wanted to make our icon a figurehead in their new spots. Well, we went eastbound and down, rolling in the convoy across the American west, charioted by the icon of the truck world.  

Success came fast and furious.  We garnered a massive boost in awareness and consideration, a huge boost in our social presence, and same store sales jump.  Oh yeah, we didn't spend a dime... we just raised our burger high, and had some great partners.  

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