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Unleashing Self Expression.

The underlying premise of streetwear is to express yourself. But with all those brands telling you how to act and look and feel, can personal style still exist?


Every streetwear brand focuses on pushing content through Hypebeast, Sneakerfreaker, Monster Children and Highsnobiety, as well as their own channels. So how does a streetwear brand connect with a generation that is inundated with everyone sharing anything and everything, all day, everyday? 


Working with Lil’ Wayne’s brand, TRUKFIT, we chose to champion the people. To encourage them to unleash their creativity. To empower anyone who connected with the brand. Because for far too long brands have been doing the talking. So we stepped aside, and gave the proverbial mic back to those who should rightfully hold it… the wearers... the innovators... the originators of streetwear.

first lady web on grey.jpeg

Work done while at Toth+Co

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