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Welcome to CLUTCH Workshop... and yes, you should definitely #fearthefamiliar...
We do and that's what ha
s gotten us to where we are today. 

So what does it mean to 'fear the familiar'?  It's a nice hashtag and all, but what's it all about?  

Simple said, it's all about PROVOCATION... the idea that we provoke everyone to see their everyday in a new way.  We do this by challenging category and cultural conventions. Asking the difficult questions most are scared to put out there. Being the consummate data interpreting, creative fueled, thought-provoking instigators our partners deserve and today's marketplace demands.

So, if you have an inkling to #fearthefamiliar and see your everyday in a new way...
keep scrolling down-ways and we look forward to 
getting into it with you.  



why over 

Let’s start with why you matter in the world.

What you sell, do, make can be mimicked. But 'why you exist' can never be duplicated.
It is core to who you are.  

We host PROVOCATION Workshops with each of our clients to realize their 'why'.  From there, the 'why' serves as the inspiration and the litmus for every brand behavior that we enact and the strategic plans we build..   



We seek randomness while others seek answers. The difference is, answers tell us what is… randomness inspires what could be. 

Insights are all around us.  But most of us look in the usual spots. We believe in random correlation.  Finding insights in the most unconventional places. Using that chaotic collection and cross-weaving it into ideas no one could have ever anticipated.  

brands > ads

People fall in love with brands  they follow them.. they connect with them... they're willing to buy whatever they make... and they fulfill something emotional, not just functional. 

Our focus is on creating brands that people fall in love with... 


'We Are So Going To Do That' - #WASGTDT 

Brand Development sessions that seek to break category conventions... 

How it works... 4 groups come together - Client, Agency, Consumer/Audience, and Cultural Innovators; and ideate on how to create category redefining products and services. 

said us never

'i wish'

Get excited… shake in anticipation… make your competitors jealous and your co-workers proud. Above all, move the needle in the right direction.


We’re looking to build mutually beneficial relationships with like-minded people. Client partners who have the fortitude to take chances for the betterment of their brand, product, service. 


the bear

We are not yes men. We will never try and tell you what we think you want to hear. We will tell you exactly what we think. We will be provocative. We will poke the bear.   


That’s what you’re hiring us for. To push you. To encourage you when we think
you need to go… and hold you back when we think you’re heading down the wrong direction.



Why You Exist... 

Our strategy process begins with Provoking every client to realize that inherently in their brand they stand for something so much greater than what they make or do.  



How You Feel...

It's simple human nature to seek what we are attracted to.  We create an image for your brand that draws people in, and tells your story without having to say a word.  



What You Do... 

People remember stories... they don't remember ads.  So, we create brand behaviors that exude your 'why' - content, social, product dev, collaborations, operations, and ads.

who we've worked with

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lil' bit of work that we've made over the 

lil' bit of work we've done

click on images to see work

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Now it's your turn. You've seen what we've done and what we're up to... So, if you're ready to #shiftyourthinking and get into it with us, hit us up.   

©2019 CLUTCH Workshop LLC

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